Mr. Whiskers's First Friend
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired August 21, 2004
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"Mr. Whiskers's First Friend"
"The Babysitter's Flub"
Mr. Whiskers meets Brandy Harrington and she asks him to turn on the light so she can read a magazine. Mr. Whiskers foolishly opens up the airplane's evacuation door, which causes them to fall out of the plane and land into the Amazon. Now they must survive in the Amazon.Gaspar Le Gecko trades with Brandy and she gives him Whiskers in return for a map which leads the way out of the jungle. However deep down she feels sorry for Whiskers and so she and Lola Boa go back to rescue him. Series Premiere

Plot Edit

While on his way to camp, Mr. Whiskers meets Brandy, a member of the Florida Harringtons, which is a luxurious lineage of pure bred dogs. However, Brandy informs Mr. Whiskers that he isn't going to camp, but is actually being sold to a zoo for thirty three cents. While Mr. Whiskers is saddened that he won't see Brandy again, she asks him to turn on the light so she can read a magazine. Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers opens up the air planes evacuation door! After the two fall into the Jungle, Brandy let's Gaspar Le Gecko take Mr. Whiskers in exchange for a map, but will Brandy decide to rescue Mr. Whiskers before Gaspar eats him, or will she disregard his plight.